Darts championships tournament contested at the Golfie

The Cobar Darts Championships were contested over the weekend with Craig Jones and Paige Coleman the winners over Brian Sylvester and Kylie Tiffen in the Mixed Doubles final. Photo contributed

The 2018 Cobar Darts Championships were contested at the Cobar Bowling & Golf Club over the weekend.

The Mixed Doubles winners were Craig Jones and Paige Coleman with Brian Sylvester and Kylie Tiffen finishing as the runners-up.

Jones and Sylvester teamed up to win the Men’s Doubles title over Tony Brown and Jim Nicholls.

Kylie Tiffen also claimed the Ladies Doubles crown with team mate Rena Clements after they beat Mescal Nicholls and Latisha Bennett.

Tony Brown cinched the Men’s A Grade Singles title and relegated Craig Jones to the position of runner-up.

Latisha Bennett won the Ladies Singles category from runner-up Mescal Nichols.

The Men’s B Grade final was won by Les Hooker with Robert Henderson finishing as the runner-up.

The Empire Barflies were the big winners again in the local competition played last Wednesday night, this time defeating Grand Slams 10-1.

RSL Outlaws also had a convincing 9-2 win over Western 180s.

Other games saw Golfie Dilligaf defeating Western Benchwarmers 8-3 and Golfie Gophers won 7-4 over Golfie Spearchuckers.

High scores were thrown by: Empire Barflies—Rodney Coleman 100, 107; Craig Jones 100; Brett Miller 100, 180, 100; Craig Youd 131; and Brian Sylvester 100; Grand Slams—Anthony Robertson 124, 121; RSL Outlaws—Tony Brown 100, 100, 100; James Ware 124; and Kyle Roberts 100, 100, 100; Western 180s—Waylon Ward 100; Golfie Dilligaf—Kylie Sutton Tiffen 100 and Lisa Miller 100; Western Benchwarmers—Cameron van Breugel 100; Golfie Gophers—Latisha Bennett 134 and Chris Hooker 100, 100, 100, 123; and Golfie Spearchuckers—Jed Mooney 125 and Bian Smith 100, 100, 100.

The Men’s Highest Peg Out of the week was 84 thrown by Shane Haddy while Julie Hill had the Ladies Highest Peg Out with 85.