Council is making sure Cobar looks its best for festivals

New rose garden beds at the eastern entrance to town have recently been completed to ensure visitors to Cobar will get a good first impression.

Cobar Shire Council’s long term plans of tree planting and town beautification are set to be showcased when an expected 2,000 plus visitors arrive at the end of the month.

Council’s general manager Peter Vlatko said council staff will be on call and working over the Miner’s Ghost and Running On Empty festivals weekend to ensure the town is well presented.

Mr Vlatko said they have scheduled extra cleaning of the public toilets, the bins will be emptied on a regular basis and extra street sweeping will be carried out if necessary.

“We’ll be keeping the place tidy and clean and open for business,” Mr Vlatko said.

“With the Festival of the Miner’s Ghost running at the same time as Running On Empty, it’s going to be a significant celebration for our community and a fantastic weekend.

“We’ll be working with businesses to ensure everything is working well and that the town lives up to its reputation of being a great place to visit.”

Council will also be working with the Cobar Show Society to manage Ward Oval which has been let out to the overflow of caravaners who were not able to get sites at the caravan park, which is completely booked out.

“Council staff will be on call, if there’s any issues, we’ll act on it and clean it up.

“The town’s going to be shining with all of our trees and blossoms out so that it’s clear that our council and community care about our town,” Mr Vlatko said.