Community reacts to news of reduced bank opening hours

The Cobar branch of the National Australia Bank is one of 114 smaller regional branches that will have their opening hours cut further.

Reports that the National Australia Bank will be reducing their opening hours at a number of country branches, including Cobar, have been met with displeasure by locals.

Cobar is one of 114 smaller regional branches that will be affected by the reduced opening hours.

The Cobar branch is currently only open for four hours per day on weekdays and, with the new changes, it will be reduced to just three hours per day.

NAB Group Executive Personal Banking Rachel Slade said with more customers moving to online banking, staff will now split their time between over the counter customer service and digital and phone banking support.

Local Peter Cartner commented on social media that it was “Just another bank making it hard for face to face banking, pushing to reduce staff therefore reducing local employment and increasing profits, pushing for a cashless society”.

Cathy Francisco also commented and said the face to face hours at the Cobar branch “have already been reduced enough”.

“There are some types of banking services that need to be done in person and it’s hard enough trying to get to the bank during the hours they are open,” she said.

Other locals have complained the reduced service will make banking more difficult for the aged while Agribusiness customers have reported that most of their business is now only being conducted over the phone.