Combined effort to select a women’s team

Selecting Cobar’s Greatest Women’s Basketball team was a joint effort by former player, coach and referee Fran Douglas along with former women’s representative team
coaches Barry Yates (above far left) and Tony Douglas (above second from right). Some of the young players above, Kelly Yates, Jackie Obray, Nikki Spinks and Tanya Huon, made Fran’s Greatest Team

Basketball was a dominant sport for many years in Cobar, particularly in the 1990s, and a number of Cobar players went on to play at representative level.

Cobar women’s teams competed in the Wild West Challenge and Macquarie Conference competitions which brought them up against teams from throughout the central and western area.

One female player who stood out was Kelly Connor (nee Yates), who went on to be a Country representative.

Kelly was of course a natural selection in Cobar’s Greatest Women’s Basketball Team which has been selected by Fran Douglas, a former player, coach, referee, committee member and competition coordinator.

“Selecting the Cobar women’s ‘A’ team has been an enjoyable task, recalling faces and names from a glorious past,” Fran said.

“It brings back memories of many friends and having a great time.

“Cobar produced may brilliant players, both adults and children, and all had their special input to create what was a great community.”

To select her side, Fran called upon the coaches of the Cobar women’s representative teams in the Macquarie Conference Competition, her husband Tony Douglas and Barry Yates, and picked their brains to help her select the team.

In Fran’s starting line-up are: ForwardsEmma (Brown) Barton (poised at all times and great on the drive) and Venesa Maiden (who was full of passion for the game and a powerful defensive player).

Centre—Elisha (Ghisoni) Bailey (was solid in defence and had a great inside shot).

Guards—Nicole Hunter (an allrounder, could run all day) and Kelly (Yates) Connor (was one sweet shooter and always put in a massive effort in defence, must have been the red hair).

On the bench are: Donna Craw (always gave her all on the court, she was not afraid of any situation and you could always rely on her to drive and scatter the defence); Melissa (Gilbert) Jones (was a great reader of the game, strong in defence and a reliable shot in a crisis); Nikki (Spinks) Davey (was always calm, was a great long range shot and could always get herself into that shooting sweet spot when needed); Tanya (Huon) Gilbert, Jackie Obray and Brittany Fugar (all three were strong, supportive players who were always ready to fire and pound the boards).

“All of these girls played with determination and skill. They never gave up and were a pleasure to watch,” Fran said.