Cobar welcomes child safety ambassadors

Cobar Public School was a sea of red on Friday when child safety ambassadors Bruce and Denise Morcombe visited the school. The Morcombes are pictured with CPS vice school captains, Hannah Trudgett and Mia Hupp with a cheque from their gold coin fundraiser for the Daniel Morcombe Foundation. ▪ Photo contributed

Child safety ambassadors Bruce and Denise Morcombe were in Cobar on Friday delivering a presentation to 120 students at Cobar Public School (CPS).

The Morcombes spoke to CPS students about how to recognise, react and report, as part of their 20-day 7,200km Time To Talk Road Trip.

CPS was selected for a visit from the Morcombes after they won the Daniel Morcombe Foundation’s Day for Daniel 2023 fundraising prize.

Denise Morcombe said it is very important that all children are educated about their personal safety.

“Our aim is to educate them all on how to recognise unsafe situations, how to react in these situations and, very importantly, to encourage them to report these to their safety team,” Mrs Morcombe said

The Time To Talk Road Trip is about reducing instances of child sexual abuse, with the Morcombes paying visits to nine regional and remote schools this year in support of Day for Daniel.

It comes at an important time with the Foundation celebrating its 20th year.

Mr Morcombe said we can reduce child sexual abuse, “one talk at a time”.

“This is a tremendous honour. We are proud to be Daniel’s parents and quite moved that 20 years after his abduction, those tragic events are not forgotten, and his important legacy continues to grow.”

Established in 2005, the Foundation creates free educational resources to teach children about personal safety and to help stop child sexual abuse.

These resources give children the tools necessary to keep themselves safe in unsafe situations.