Cobar students feature strongly in Moorambilla concerts

Cobar students featured strongly in the MAXedOUT company and Moorambilla Voices choirs which performed a series of concerts in Dubbo over the weekend bringing together talented singers and dancers from all over the western region. ▪ Photo courtesy of Noni Carroll

A huge contingent of talented Cobar students performed in three Moorambilla Voices concerts in Dubbo on the weekend.

Cobar had a strong presence on the stage at the Dubbo Regional Theatre on Saturday and Sunday where they sang and danced for sell-out crowds.

Following auditions earlier this year 36 local students (19 high school and 18 primary school) were accepted into the well renowned choir and performance program.

Students attended workshops with award winning artistic director Michelle Leonard at Camp Cypress in Baradine.

The MAXedOUT company, which is comprised of high school students, featured Cobar’s Riley Bottom, Braiden Jones, Ryan Anderson, Mizuki Shimosaka, John Wayne Josephson, Todd Polack, Joey Whittaker-Goodwin, Kaitlyn Martin, Jordan Warren, Thomas Bradley, Amabella Harvey, Ruby-Belle Stingemore, Jacob Brown, Brennah Aumua, Bridie Bruce, Raymond Jones, Angela Hill, Elias Aumua and Samuel Whiteman.

Following the audition process students were selected for their leadership qualities and worked with mentoring artists and choreographers to learn more about the strength and grace of Taiko drumming as well as energetic singing.

The Moorambilla Voices Boys and Girls groups are made up of primary school students who are selected for their natural singing talent and take part in workshops taught and encouraged with practice, skills and praise to achieve their best.

Cobar’s Niamh Olsen, Lawson Leonard, Lachlan Anderson, Jayden Cryer, Jamie Thomas, Deni Brown, Macey Brown, Karla McCormack, Bryson Marshall, Amber Whittaker Goodwin, Shaunessy Bliss, Amara Bottom, Sophie Chandler, Ebony Aumua, Jason Braniff, Bayleigh Young, Byron Lynch and Nicholas Anderson all performed with the choir.

The program is currently in its 12th year and this year the students, along with professional composers, musicians, singers, choreographers and visual artists drew on inspiration from the physical and spiritual landscape of Mount Gunderbooka, Mount Grenfell and the historic Brewarrina Fish traps.

The concert was supplemented with works from digital artists from the region as well as fire sculptures and lanterns in the park, however strong winds and extreme fire danger conditions in Dubbo on Saturday forced the fire sculptures to be reworked with fairy lights.