Cobar Back Roads

The ABC Television’s Back Roads edition based on Cobar aired last Thursday night and received plenty of positive comments.

Filmed in August 2020, the show’s host Heather Ewart outlined our town’s mining and indigenous history and showcased Cobar in a very favourable light.

In interviews she conducted with a number of locals, including Mayor Lilliane Brady OAM, Heather found out what a great sense of community and support for each other we have in Cobar and how fly-in/fly-out mining was affecting the community.

The segment also featured local sporting events and highlighted the success of our Running On Empty Festival (ROEF).

Scenes were filmed in the main street, underground at the CSA Mine, at the Cobar Races, Mt Grenfell, Tom Knight Memorial Oval and the front bar of the Great Western Hotel.

John de Bruin, ROEF coordinator, was one of the featured locals, and said it had been a great experience to have been involved in.

He said the crew were “extraordinary people to work with, producing an extraordinary show”.

John reported during their eight days of shooting in Cobar, they “recorded 300GB of data a day, roughly 2.4TB of data, which they  edited  to capture the essence of Cobar in a 30 minute show”.