Chesney finishes out on top at CHS swimming carnival

Swimmers and supporters at Cobar High School’s annual swimming carnival at the Cobar Memorial Swimming Pool on Friday.

Cobar High School held their annual swimming carnival on Friday at the Cobar Memorial Swimming Pool.
The overall winning team was Chesney, followed by Fort Bourke, Great Cobar and then Occidental.
Six swimmers, Nicholas Hodges, Toby Greenwood, Harry Cousins, Braiden Jones, Axel Fairfull and Henry Knight, have all now qualified for the Western Region carnival.
The school’s 2022 age champions were: U13s—Alora Deppler and Eli Hodges; U14s—Sosie Barton and Axel Fairfull; U15s—Maddie Bruce and Henry Knight; U16s—Elleise Woodbridge, Katie Nicholson and Kai Taylor; and U17s Neve Carter and Braiden Jones.