Camels are going green to make a little bit of gold

A Return and Earn service is set to recommence in Cobar with the Cobar Camels Rugby Club in the final stages of getting a new collection point up and running.

“The Camels are going green to make a bit of gold,” Rugby Club president Jarrod Marsden said.

After the Return and Earn service stopped running in Cobar last year the club decided to put forward an expression of interest.

Mr Marsden said their site in Government Road has been inspected and a contract has been signed.

“Given the contracts are accepted we should be up and running in two weeks time,” Mr Marsden estimated.

He said they would be opening four days a week and it will be manned by committee members and players.

Mr Marsden said they hope to earn $10,000 per year but that depends on how well they promote it and the level of support it gets from club volunteers and the community.

He said the money earned from the venture has been earmarked for player attraction and retention.

“We recognise that it’s tough for everyone in the bush at the moment and that we can’t sit back and complain that income isn’t what it used to be and do nothing about adapting to change, so an opportunity to earn extra income without stepping on anyone’s toes in town and opening up a market that has huge potential is rare and exciting.

“The amount of people who have come to me and stated they are stockpiling in readiness for us to open up gives us great confidence that the people of Cobar are on board with this concept.

“Cobar residents are very educated and aware of the benefits of recycling which is awesome.

“The Camels have always been, and continue to be, a working committee.

“We value the Cobar community and wish to continue to be a part of making Cobar better,” he said.