Call for council to consider Ward Oval camping

Cr Peter Yench has put forward a Notice of Motion for tomorrow’s Ordinary Council Meeting calling for Ward Oval to be opened up to free campers.

Cr Yench, who was a strong advocate for shutting down free camping at the Newey, said if Ward Oval was made available for temporary free camping it would help alleviate “the current situation of a lack of organised and appropriate free camping sites within Cobar”.

“According to the recent letter to the editor in the local paper by a local business owner saying the campers are being abused and the campers are too valuable to lose, Ward Oval could be utilised until such time that the approved development for free camping has been established and approved by Council in Cobar,” Cr Yench said.

“The sooner we can purchase land east of the racecourse on the Kidman Way with a link up to the four major highways the faster we can establish a tourist destination for free camping in Cobar.

“I believe we should contact our neighbouring councils in the new proposed outback tourist group to request investigating similar development in outback tourist towns that
we can come up with a plan to attract
tourists and hopefully build into their holiday plans.

“The route would be mapped out in a safe environment and collectively marketed to provide an outback experience over a short period,” Cr Yench said.