Bull ride returns

The Cobar Show has added a new event to its program this year with the New Gold Bull Ride to be held.

Cobar Show Society secretary Heather Christie said the plans not only add to the show but help keep a major local event going.

Ms Christie said when the Cobar Rodeo committee went into recess it was a shame for the town to lose it after all their hard work.

“I spoke with Chris Higgins [from Peak Gold Mines] about the sponsorship and keeping the money with the rodeo until the committee were able to get up and running again.

“Once sponsorship money is reallocated it is so hard to get back.

“The idea is if the rodeo committee want it back they can have it and Cobar doesn’t lose the rodeo,” Ms Christie said.

Mr Higgins told The Cobar Weekly Peak felt it was important that Cobar’s big events succeed, and were keen to help the show reinvigorate the bull ride event.

“Our Donations Board thought the idea of making the show an even larger local event was a great idea,” he said.

“Having the New Gold Bull Ride is going to keep people at the show on the Saturday and make great afternoon and night entertainment.”

The mine’s employees are also actively being encouraged to support the event with the mine’s social club, Fort Bourke Tunnel Club offering members and their families free entry to the show.

“Our social club hosts a number of events throughout the year and makes a concerted effort to support a range of groups in Cobar,” Mr Higgins said.

“By doing this the social club expects that more people will go to the show and make it a more successful day.”

More than 90 members have taken up the offer. Peak is also sponsoring the entertainment after the New Gold Bull Ride in the form of local musos the Jade Martin Band.