Billy Cart racing makes a triumphant return to Cobar

Cobar Camels Billy Cart Derby Opens winner Geoff Turton and his Mulchara Electrical machine with event organiser Alister Ewan on Saturday.

The Cobar Camels Billy Cart Derby was a roaring success on Easter Saturday with a good crowd turning out to Fort Bourke Hill to cheer on the fearless racers.

The event, a fundraiser for the Cobar Camels Rugby Club, was well patronised with 23 competitors and lots of spectators enjoying the resurgence of a favourite former past-time. Billy Cart Racing down Belagoy Street from the Hospital carpark to the Newey was a popular Australia Day event some 25 years ago in Cobar.

While there were a few simple boxes on wheels and an upside down bathtub on wheels competing in Saturday’s event, many of the other racing vehicles have evolved considerably as to what would have raced 25 years ago.

This event had a converted spring bed with wheels (but no brakes), a machine that resembled a snow plough and a very sophisticated and aerodynamic drag car-styled billy cart (pictured opposite) owned by Geoff Turton, which eventually claimed a win of the Open final.

In the Juniors class, Hugo Josephson was the fastest down the hill to win the Juniors class.

Caleb Theakston claimed a win of the 10-12 years age division in the ‘Rattling Terror’ which he helped to construct with his father and older brother, from various materials they had scavenged.

Isaac Theakston then later steered the ‘Rattling Terror’ to a win in the 14-16 years age division.

Todd Polack finished in front in the 12-14 years age group.

The Opens class attracted nine drivers with Geoff Turton in the Mulchara Electrical drag car beating his son Marty Turton (in the bathtub) in an earlier heat, and also the Cynend sponsored snow plough, and the Empire Hotel entry to claim the inaugural Billy Cart Derby Open title.