Assisting the aged

There was a good roll of 15 interested people for the WS Brennan Centre’s annual general meeting last Tuesday.

Run by the Cobar Senior Citizens Amenities Organisation Inc, the WS Brennan Centre is a subsidised rental facility that consists of 18  single units which suit aged pensioners.

They are let for moderate weekly rental and are in close proximity to the CBD.

The community housing project committee was for many years previously headed up by local residents Max and Noelene Humphries who have recently been honoured as life members of the committee.

Local paramedic Stephen Dutton who was elected as the new vice president at last week’s AGM said the centre is very much a community owned and operated facility.

“The committee’s main role is vetting people who apply for a position and also the upkeep and general maintenance of the facility.

“We work to a constitution and have guidelines in place as to how things operate.”

Mr Dutton said the group does not receive any government funding but relies on the support of local organisations with donations coming from groups such as the Cobar Rugby Union Club and the Old Boys Rugby League (who also has volunteers that look after the lawns and garden maintenance).

He said residents, mostly seniors, pay subsidised rent and, along with their donations and some fundraising, they get by.

“It’s full at the moment and generally runs at near full capacity all the time,” he said.