Arts Council won’t let isolation stop creative activities

The Cobar Arts Council committee held their first ‘Out of Iso’ meeting on Sunday at the Cobar Railway Station with the venue of the station’s platform giving members plenty of room for correct social distancing. The meeting was well attended and included interest from two new residents who are keen to be involved in the committee’s plans for an upcoming Open exhibition.

Cobar Arts Council members took advantage of the spacious railway station platform for their ‘Out of Iso’ meeting on Sunday.

Publicity officer Bev Anderson reports the general operations of the group have been capably managed by their executive committee since COVID restrictions came into effect in March.

“It was pleasing to be back to some sort of normality with ideas and input from all members,” Bev said.

As is the nature of the town of Cobar, people come and go and president Lillian Simpson welcomed two new members who have recently settled into life in Cobar and are keen to be involved in community activities.

“She also conveyed the good wishes of the group to Karen Watts, who is leaving to enjoy retirement with her husband Andrew.

“Karen has be a very capable treasurer and will be sadly missed,” Bev reported.

Discussions at the meeting took place on the feasibility of holding a modified exhibition, dependent upon COVID restrictions, with the outcome being a proposed Open Art and Craft event similar to the annual Festival of the Miner’s Ghost exhibition, except that the schools section will be cancelled.

Students will be encouraged to enter the open sections individually and there would be no official opening public event.

“It is hoped that people will come forth with the art, photography and craftwork they may have created during COVID restrictions and that the event will give Cobar residents the opportunity to view the diverse creative talents within the community,” Bev said.