Another rainy Friday recorded in Cobar

The gutters were well and truly flowing in the main street around 4pm on Friday
afternoon as we received a quick 6.2mm downpour of rain in 20 minutes.

Rain on Fridays in Cobar has become a bit of a habit over the past few weeks with another downpour of 18mm recorded by the Bureau of Meteorology again this week.

Friday’s good drop comes on top of last week’s 36.2mm and the 12.4mm recorded in town the week before.

To date we’ve had 66.6mm for the month and 133.4mm since the start of the year.

Last Friday’s rain was widespread with many parts of the shire recording good falls with 30mm falling in the north of the shire.

To the east around Canbelego they recorded  29mm while 17mm was recorded in one Nymagee rain gauge and 22mm in another.

The western parts of the shire didn’t miss out with 29mm and 27mm collected in rain landholders’ gauges (including 24mm in 10 minutes at Boonora Downs off Shire Road 7).

The rain last week kept temperatures mild and slightly below the long term average of 33.4 degrees.

Last Thursday was our hottest day of the week with the Bureau recording a top of 34.7 degrees while Saturday had the coolest day time temperature with 28.5 the recorded maximum.

The temperatures should remain in the low 30s for the remainder of the week, with 31 the expected top for today and tomorrow while 33 is the predicted maximum for Friday.

Local cricketers (who have had to suffer two consecutive weekends and three Fridays of cancelled games) will be looking to the skies again this Friday as the Bureau predicts a very slight chance of rain.

The weekend weather is expected to be mostly sunny with 35 the expected maximum on Saturday and 36 for Sunday. It’s also expected to reach 36 again on Monday.