ACMA ruling to prevent 2WEB’s Cobar broadcast

The Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) has rejected Cobar Shire Council’s request to re-transmit Bourke’s 2WEB community radio station into Cobar.

ACMA licensing officer Jackie Russell said retransmission of the Bourke 2WEB community broadcasting service to the community of Cobar was not consistent with ACMA’s current out of area policy.

She explained Cobar is located within the Dubbo RA1 and RA2 licence areas and not the Bourke RA1 licence area.

She said Cobar Community Radio Incorporated was currently providing a service for the general community interest in the licence area.

“As a consequence, it would not be appropriate to make spectrum available under s34 for the retransmission of the 2WEB community broadcasting service,” Ms Russell said.

Mayor Lilliane Brady had written to the ACMA supporting 2WEB’s request to broadcast throughout the shire.

She outlined the strong history that 2WEB has in Cobar Shire as an alternative to radio stations operating out of Dubbo.

“Shire residents and visitors receive 2WEB broadcasts throughout our Shire whereas transmission from other radio stations are not available outside of the town of Cobar,” Mayor Brady wrote in her submission.

She said that the radio station provides an important social service to the Cobar community as they can transmit emergency services information when required, focus on important issues such as rainfall, river heights and road closures at a local level.

Council’s application was however denied.