High flying Kamikaze Pilots

Kamikaze Pilots had the mindset and the skills to win the Squalleyball grand final last Thursday night at the youth centre. It was however their opposition, BnB, who went into the grand final match as the favourites having not been beaten all season, but Kamikaze Pilots played their best game […]

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MCHU women make the difference

Man Chest Hair United (MCHU) continue to dominate the Mixed Indoor Soccer competition at the Youthie scoring a massive 25 points in their win over Peakaroos last Wednesday. Taking full advantage of the two points awarded to female players, MCHU players Shannon Purton (six goals) and Bianka Jacobson (three goals) […]


Bayer Neverlosen never lost all season

Bayer Neverlosen capped off a successful season defeating CSA 2-0 in a thrilling Mixed Indoor Soccer grand final last Wednesday night at the youth centre. The competition’s leading female scorer Mel Bruce slotted home the winning goal for Bayer Neverlosen five minutes from full-time to clinch the title win for […]

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CSA caused an upset in soccer final

CSA caused an upset in the preliminary final of the Mixed Indoor Soccer competition last Wednesday when they defeated their higher ranked opposition in Wii Not Fit. In the other game played last week Peakaroos put The Mixers out of the competition with their win in the elimination final. In […]