There’s a lot parents don’t know

A quick ‘true or false’ quiz about technology offered to parents and carers at a cyber safety seminar in Cobar last week revealed that there’s plenty to learn about keeping our kids safe in the cyber world. NSW Police Liaison Officer Senior Constable Marty Paice, who presented to the Think […]


Locals feeling the full effect of the big dry

A lot of old farming families in the Cobar district have seen too many droughts in their lifetimes like the current one that’s gripping most of southern Australia. Tom Mitchell, a second generation grazier at Gambolalley north of Cobar, has experienced his share of droughts (he’s also lived through the […]


National Service medals awarded

Local Norm Martin has recently received his service medals recognising his National Service in the army to our country in 1951. National Service in the 1950s was compulsory military training for the nation’s young men with many local men, including Norm, called up to serve. It was a standardised form […]