100-plus without power after mystery vehicle hits pole

Crews needed to move a large amount of electricity infrastructure to a new pole after a vehicle damaged a power pole at the top of Woodiwiss Avenue on Sunday. (Inset) The damaged pole.









More than 100 customers lost power on Sunday afternoon after a vehicle hit and significantly damaged a power pole in Woodiwiss Avenue.

Essential Energy operations manager North Western, Damian Smith, said their crews were quick to respond to the incident and for the safety of the public and their property,  electrical supply was switched off to 108 customers just after 2.30pm.

“Upon arrival, crews found a power pole with significant damage, which appears to have been caused by a truck impacting the power network, however there was no vehicle on the scene,” Mr Smith said.

“Crews worked as quickly as safety allowed to replace the damaged power pole which held a large amount of electricity network infrastructure.”

Power was restored to all customers just after 9pm on Sunday.

Crews also returned to the site on Monday morning to finish off some minor repairs to the electricity network.

Mr Smith said the public is reminded that, if a vehicle contacts the electricity network, occupants should stay in the vehicle if it is safe to do so and Essential Energy needs to be immediately called.

“If there is immediate danger, such as
a fire, occupants are advised to jump clear
of the vehicle – avoiding contact with
the ground and vehicle at the same time – and stay at least eight metres away,” Mr Smith said.

Mr Smith said he regretted the inconvenience caused to customers and praised them for their patience while crews worked to make repairs.